Thursday, October 10, 2013

Move on.

Out of all the people, I should be the one that should know better than to be stuck in one place for months, in this case, now its been years.  Despite losing two best friends, I should know better than to let anything hold me back. Time stops for no one. I have been stuck in one place waiting on something to happen. For what? I keep saying maybe tomorrow, then I even say, maybe tomorrow and then tomorrows tomorrow. Guess where I am, a year later? Waiting on tomorrow. I am stuck because I really do like this guy, and everything was perfect till one day it all stopped. I tell myself he has someone else, but its been denied. 
I know, I am young, but this is where I stand today, waiting on something that is never going to happen. I am getting behind on everything, on life. My best friend is pregnant and married. My Best cousin has her boyfriend back, my other cousin is married, hell, even my 16 year old sister has a boyfriend. Where am I in life right now? No where. I know everything has its timing. But I am tired of waiting. It is sad that I have nothing to look forward to every morning or night. 
I am beggining to train myself to focus more on school, to let everything out. 
I also started this blog to let everything out. I hope it helps. I am tired of being tormented by my own emotions.

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